Weekly Horoscope Until December 13th

This Thursday, Mercury will transition from Sagittarius toward Capricorn, while December 11th will mark the last new moon for the year 2015, occurring in the sign of Sagittarius.

Aries - You'll handle the obstacles if you apply your fighting spirit

If you're more assertive, this week you'll have the opportunity to break all of the chains holding you back and achieve what you truly desire. But this does not mean that you should react impulsively. On the contrary - hastily made decisions will have serious consequences. Invest all of your energy into fighting restraints, experiment and don't be afraid of battles. Conflicts are possible on the love front since you've been too bossy lately.

Taurus - An excellent week for your finances

The week will be perfect for your financial dealings. Before you lie the opportunities for new methods of increasing your income and the chance for resolving an old financial problem. The week will also be romantic for you, as you'll feel the support and trust of your partner, making you become even more attached to them. Stay away from drama and gossip at work. Strive to be as open as possible and don't get into power struggles.


Gemini - Focus on that which inspires you

Don't deal with projects your heart's not into this week because not only will they not bring fulfillment, you won't earn much from them. Focus on what truly inspires you, no matter if talking about household chores or work tasks. Your health must also become a priority in the next few days - don't stress yourself out, set aside time for exercise and relaxation. During the week you'll also clear up your personal relations, which will either have a new beginning or stop altogether.

Cancer - Big conflicts coming up

No matter how much you don't want to, this week you'll have to get into big conflicts at work, as well as at home. Even if you try to stay away, the situations will be such that you'll have to take a position and opinion. Be brave and don't succumb to the tension, don't be worried by certain people's behavior either, it's only temporary. The week is suitable for bringing in changes to your way of life. You may choose to exercise more, to change your food habits to a healthier alternative.

Leo - You begin a radical change


You begin heading down a completely new road this week. This may apply to your love life, job or a new home, but the variety you're headed for will inspire you. You'll travel more up until December 13th, with the trips being fully successful. You have the opportunity to grow in an entirely new direction. In the coming days, singles will meet a person with the potential for a serious relationship.

Virgo - Focus on family and children

This week you'll be entirely preoccupied by the family and children. Getting ahead in your profession is not that important to you right now, instead you'll try to bring in more order to the household. Rely on your intuition about the important decisions, it will assert itself clearly until December 13th. Don't expect too much from the people around you and don't be too demanding, forgive the little mistakes. The week is ideal for having more guests over at home.

Libra - You'll assuage others

Your mission this week is to be peacekeepers and alleviate the passions at work and at home. Don't take up battles that aren't yours to fight but do try to help people who are being hostile. Your kind attitude will be highly appreciated by everyone. The information you receive until December 13 will benefit you. You won't be in the mood for love and will require more time alone.

Scorpio - Take advantage of the opportunities before you

This week, focus only on things that will benefit you in the future. Your willpower will be extremely strong and you'll deal with all of the problems, while fate itself will help you by sending you only that which you really have need of. Take advantage of the opportunities before you but don't misuse those who are ready to do anything for you. Many new experiences in the love aspect will present themselves before you, as long as you're not excessively jealous.

Sagittarius - It's time for changes

Now is the time to make some sort of change. It can be with regards to your appearance or home, as long as it's not too radical and reckless. Leave the past behind and dream of the future. The notion you're building in your fantasies depends on your setting. Believe in yourself and your abilities and try to be more independent beginning this week.


Capricorn - Postpone the important tasks for next week

This week, finish tasks you've already begun and don't take up any new ones, set aside some time for a break. Postpone everything important till next week; work only on easier things until December 13th. Conversations with others will benefit you, so liven up your social life by going to more events. Don't push others around you, especially your partner, to accept your wishes at all costs.

Aquarius - Go to more social events

You'll express the characteristic independence and nonstandard thinking of your zodiac sign all the way until December 13th. The period is perfect for bringing in positive changes to your life. Boredom and routine will stay far away from you, while your freedom-loving spirit will be hard to placate. The upcoming days will be suitable for social events, meeting new people and traveling. Define your goals well before you begin any course of action toward their realization.

Pisces - A harmonious week ahead

This week you'll bring your relations with others even closer. Your loved ones will be the inspiration that will open up your luck and imagination. In the coming days you'll enjoy complete harmony. You can give yourself creative satisfaction by going to the movies, buying a new book or visiting an art gallery.

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