Weekly Horoscope Until November 2nd

The planetary aspects promise more calm and love in the new week. A trine between Venus and Neptune, and the Sun and Neptune will provide fun for most zodiac signs.

Aries - Romance has taken over your everyday life

Romantic thoughts will predominate your mind throughout the week. Your imagination will be at its peak and you will keep an eye out for someone who might grab your interest. If you already like someone, be sure to set up a date. The weekend presents the opportunity for meeting new people and finding love.

Taurus - Your interest grows toward the new

Your romantic relationship will provide you with lots of fun and enjoyment during the week. Your interest toward the new will be at its highest in the days to come. Venus is moving in opposition to Scorpio, which will further incite the passion in your relationship. Professionally, expect good news; they will make it easier for you to get ahead in the hierarchy.

Gemini - Follow your intuition

You will be filled with new ideas regarding your professional and personal growth. Your imagination will be enhanced this week and it will hint at how you can achieve the successes you've been dreaming about. You need to listen to the advice that you're getting and listen to your intuition when you need to make an important decision.

Cancer - A passionate and caring week to come

This week you will formulate many new romantic plans for you and your beloved. Your love life will be passionate in the coming days and filled with caring at the same time. All of your plans regarding romance will become reality. Your love connection will elate you, making you kinder toward others.


Leo - Expect lots of fun

You will have lots of fun at parties during the week, which you are yet to organize. Don't neglect your family, that put in all kinds of efforts to make you feel good and safe. This week you will feel more motivated to exercise, with Mars in Capricorn granting you the necessary discipline for it.

Virgo - You will sacrifice for others

The aspects of Neptune throughout the week will magnify your compassion. You will be ready to sacrifice your time and energy to help others. If you are single, you may meet a suitable person at the end of the week, with whom your passion will ignite instantly.

Libra - A new professional opportunity opens before you

A new professional opportunity will open before you, which you need to think on carefully, even if you don't think that you are qualified enough for it. Perhaps you are not revealing some hidden talents and skills of yours, which need to be brought out in the open. Organize a family gathering at home at the end of the week, to take your mind off things.

Scorpio - You are unsure when it comes to love

The trine between Venus and Neptune at the beginning of the week will drive you to feel unsure regarding your feelings towards someone. Now is the time to determine exactly what direction your relationship is headed in. This week you will have the need of enjoying yourself and your family. Have fun and joke around more.

Sagittarius - You are inspired by something fateful

The trine between the Sun and Neptune will make you feel that you are giving way regarding things you truly care about. The first days of the week will boost your creative impulses, while at the end of the week you let yourself have more fun. At some point during the coming days, an ordinary conversation will inspire you to start a fateful plan.


Capricorn - You give plenty of attention to loved ones

Up until November 2nd, you will respond to the pleas for help of family and friends. You will significantly lower your usual standards toward others. You will have an easier time of expressing your romantic impulses and feelings toward the opposite sex. Mars in your sign will grant you the needed stimulus to finish up your plans.

Aquarius - Discuss your plans before realizing them

Whatever idea you might have, it is better to discuss its actual realization before applying it. If a particular project has grabbed your attention, you need to consider absolutely all of the possibilities for its realization. The romance between you and your partner will be fully unleashed at the end of the week.

Pisces - You connect with people important to you

New opportunities will be presented to you this week, allowing you to connect with people that make you feel comfortable when you are part of their company. Your social life may turn toward parties, with you visiting more places where you can have fun.

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