Damned ships

Damned ships

Seafarers are one of the most superstitious people and the reasons are legitimate. Dangers lurking in them are much of limitless oceans, reefs, storms, and treacherous waves.

The seas fortune is ruthless, over the years hundreds and thousands of ships have disappeared without a trace.

Damned ships

In 1858 the "Great East" is one of the largest passenger ships in the world. During the construction of this ship three workers were killed resulting in the ship gaining fame as a curse.

The ships first trip at sea was also accompanied by an incident that involved six people loosing their lives. After this unfortunate tradedgy the ship was never used as a tourist liner again. As the dissembling of the ship began they discovered the remains of a swimmer that disappeared during the construction of the ship.

Another mysterious story happened during the First World War with the German submarine "UB-65'', built in the year of 1916. Construction took five casualties as a result of various incidents.

Although the submarine crew saw this as a bad omen and prediction of an impending disaster, the German fleet went to war. During the preparation for the first dive, one of the sailors suddenly and without warning jump overboard. The captain ordered the fighting to continue.

When it came time for the submarine to emerge on the surface of the water, it succumbed to the commands and actions of the crew. The submarine had received many punctures and allowed the salty sea water to enter shortly reaching the battery which then began to emit toxic gases.

Eventually despairing the captain managed to reach the surface with half of the crew already dead.

However the adversity continued, on the way to the port one of the torpedoes that would had been used during the war independently exploded, killing 6 people.

However, after the 'UB-65' reached the shore, the crew wants the help of the priest to drive the evil forces away.

In the course of several months in the submarine no more incidents occur. Then everything started from scratch ...

At the end of an American war, the submarine was observed after a fiery performance at sea, on arrival to the surface of the 'UB-65' a sailor jumped overboard in panic, and later occurred a powerful explosion ... A cursed warship remains forever!

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