Dream that you are pregnant?

Dream that you are pregnant?

To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes part of you or your life, which develops and grows, but maybe you're not ready to talk about it yet. It may also be associated with a new idea or making a new purpose.

If you are really pregnant then this dream reflects your concerns about pregnancy. Women in the first trimester usually dream of small creatures, furry animals, flowers, fruit and water. Dreams in the second trimester are associated with distress of being a good mother and concerns associated with potential complications during childbirth. Finally in the third trimester dreams are filled with your own mother. While your baby changes and grows, dreams are with the presence of whales, elephants , dinosaurs and other large animals can also occur frequently during this period.

To dream that you are pregnant with a dead baby is related to something you've invested much time and effort in but unfortunately its development has stopped or is not developing as you expected or has completely collapsed. Nothing that you do will happen the way you want it or intended.

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