What does it mean to dream of Clothes?

1. To dream that you dress in clothes from gold thread, means you will be referred to with ingratitude.

2. To dream of a red dress, means you will love or know a truth, and if it is a black dress means you will have obstacles in life you will mourn but if you dream you are wearing mourning clothes suggests you would be glad if you dream of a white dress suggests you expected grief, sorrow, or will be sick.

3. To dream of a blue dress means ,then you will have peace and hope for the recent success and will have guests.

4. To dream of a green dress suggests you expected an increase in popularity if you dream of a brown, suggests that you are hard working if it is orange your wish will come true to dream of pink clothes suggests you are naive.

5. To dream of old, maul, tattered, wrinkled clothes, suggests you should be kept by illness and poverty and that you will also suffer humiliation and abuse by acquaintances and strangers.

6. If you dream that you are wearing the new, modern, expensive and beautiful clothes, suggests you are rich and you will enjoy the respect and understanding with relatives.

7. To dream of a new dress suggests you need to wait for welfare.

8. To dream yo wear clothes suggests there will be a shame.

9. To dream of a cotton dress indicates your gluttony and greedy.

10. To dream that you have cotton clothing means you will have a calm life and calm work, but if you dream of wool you will have good health.

11. To dream of a coat suggests you will have work.

12. To dream you put clothes on is a sign that you know to worry about news, if you dream of famine clothes, suggests preparing for long sorrow.

13. If you tear your clothes in your dream you wait mishap.

14. If you dream that you are folding your clothes at home, indicates you need wait for a calm and dignified life.

15. To dream you burn your clothes, you strife in life.

16. To dream that you wear narrow and close - fitting clothes, means to take your worries and troubles, and if your clothes are wide and big it suggests you started something you was not forced to start.

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2016-02-25, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Clothes

Well this was extremely accurate I'm scared how accurate this is like whoa bro

2011-08-19, Rating 4.0 from 5 for Clothes

this is me second time iv dreamed with a white dress my firts time it was short but this time it was long and red but at some point i looked down to my feet and like a snake my dress started to shed into a white dress ? i still dont get it
EdwardSnakes are transition
Red is lowest chakra survival
White means purity or spirit guidance


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