What does it mean to dream of Scarf?

1. To dream that you see a scarf, means you will seek assistance and support from others.

2. To dream of a scarf around ones neck, predicts that you will have nice moments and success in your private life.

3. To dream of a scarf with a fringed edge, is a sign of a job.

4. To dream that you knit, purchase or receive a new scarf, suggests that you will be glad that someone takes care of you.

5. To dream of a head scarf, indicates that you will be supported by people who love you.

6. Dreaming that you miss your scarf, means you may lose someone whom you patronize.

7. To dream of a wrapped a scarf, suggests that you are to waste of money.

8. Dreaming that someone brings you a scarf, indicates that you may have health problems.

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