What does it mean to dream of Apples?

1. Dreaming that you see an apple, suggests that you expect good things.

2. To dream that you eat an apple, predicts that you will be happy and have good health.

3. Dreaming that you are on an apple tree, predicts that you will be very demanding of your partner in the future.

4. To dream that you buy an apple, means you are to have true friends.

5. Dreaming that you sell apples, predicts that you are to sue someone.

6. Dreaming that you eat sweet and red apples, indicates that you will have a bold intrigue.

7. To dream of sour apples, is a sign of misunderstanding and quarrels with your partner or family.

8. To dream that you see a blossomed apple tree, indicates that you will have innocent, pure, cuddles love affair.

9. Dreaming that you picked apples, indicates that you will experience and gain knowledge.

10. Dreaming that you are stealing apples, predicts that you will pursue an old lover.

11. To dream that you eat baked apples, suggests that you will have a successful marriage, much joy and understanding.

12. To dream of ripe apples on a tree, suggests that you will have a large family.

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