What does it mean to dream of Dandruff?

1. To dream of dandruff, signifies a loss.

2. To dream you are treating dandruff, suggests an unexpected announcement.

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2011-02-20, Rating 4.0 from 5 for Dandruff

I had dream of first combing my plenty of hairs and then observed the dandruf in hair even I could see the drandruf flying over hairs. I see this drem near abour 4.00 am. I have searched in books but exact meanig of the dream not found. Can somebody let me know the exact meaning of it.

2010-12-23, Rating 4.0 from 5 for Dandruff

i dreamt i was picking my dandruff one by one on my head. It was a little big flake over my hair.What is this mean?


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