What does it mean to dream of Ducks?

1. Dreaming of a duck with young ducklings, means you will be in good company and will rejoice.

2. Dreaming that you killed a duck, suggests that in reality you will acquire property.

3. To dream of any ducks, predicts that your luck will leave you.

4. Dreaming that you swim in the lake or river with some ducks, signifies that you going to get less than expected.

5. To dream that you are to catch a wild duck, signifies that you are happily married.

6. To dream of a flock of ducks flying, symbolizes good tidings.

7. To dream that you eat a duck, predicts that you will have a lot of money.

8. To dream that you are hunting for ducks, predicts that you will have success.

9. To dream that you see ducks, means you will have happiness in the family.

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