Boiled eggs

What does it mean to dream of Boiled eggs?

1. To dream you see or eat boiled eggs in your dream, symbolizes fertility, birth and creative potential.

2. Means that something new will happen.

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2014-06-18, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Boiled eggs

I had two dreams close together and I think they are linked to the same meaning...the first dream I had: I heard a voice (I could not see the person that was talking) told me I was pregnant (I was in a very big house) so I walked to the room and I saw my son and my friend in the room my friend was laying down and my son had a cellphone in his hand he holds it up and shows me and across the screen it said pregnant so I look over to my friend and he wakes up and I told him that I might be pregnant woke up..

Second dream was very short no words were spoken but I see this container laying there and I open it and there was a half of a boiled egg so I ate it..


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