What does it mean to dream of Eyebrows?

1. To dream you see or touch your eyebrows, means that soon you expect happiness and luck.

2. To dream of itching your eyebrows, suggests an expected death of a close person.

3. To dream you see bushy black eyebrows, suggests you take your cash.

4. To dream you thin and paint your eyebrows, suggests you expect disappointment from a partner or professional colleague.

5. To dream you have eyebrows, suggests you will take serious and unavoidable problems in the workplace.

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2015-06-11, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Eyebrows

My dreams is my eyebrows is not even.the left side is ups and opposite and rigth side is thesame as a normal. What does my eyebrows meaning.
NayasYou focus too much on the little things and it gets to you. YOU need to understand that eyebrows are sisters but they aren't twins.Meaning don't waste time on seeking perfection it is what it is love what you have or lose it.
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