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Watermelon Dream Symbolism

Watermelon Dream Symbolism, symbolism of dreams. Significance of dreams, Watermelon Dream Symbolism, dream explanation on Mysteries24.com. Discussed as well as rated dream meaning explanations for Watermelon Dream Symbolism.
Watermelon 7813 3
Dreaming that you eat watermelon , means that your efforts in workplace are for nothing. To buy a watermelon , means you will do good ...
Thief 1019 0
If you dream of burglary, you will break something favorite of yours, or will suffer loss. If you dream that you steal, you will suffer or...
Horse and Stable 2007 0
To dream you buy a beautiful and powerful horse , means you will marry a good woman. To dream you ride with a gallop, indicates wealth....
The same dream over and over 528 0
When you dream the same dream over and over again, it means that you have unresolved problems or undone deeds. Reach completion and you w...
Shirt 2595 0
To dream of a cotton or linen shirt, indicates that you gain joy and pleasure from your labor. To dream of a silk or satin shirt, indicate...
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