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Stool in Dream

Stool in Dream, symbolism of dreams. Meaning of dreams, Stool in Dream, dream interpretation on Mysteries24.com. Discussed as well as ranked dream meaning explanations for Stool in Dream.
Stool 2128 1
To dream that you see or sit on a stool, indicates that you are not fraught with sorrow or grief.
Dream of own stool 624 0
If you see a chair in your dream, you will have achievements that you have earned. Dreaming a broken chair means that you will lose prest...
Stools 15722 0
To dream of you own stool , suggests you will get a lot of money. To eat dirt in your dream, means in reality you will have plenty of gol...
Thief 1020 0
If you dream of burglary, you will break something favorite of yours, or will suffer loss. If you dream that you steal, you will suffer or...
Horse and Stable 2009 0
To dream you buy a beautiful and powerful horse , means you will marry a good woman. To dream you ride with a gallop, indicates wealth....
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