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Meaning of Dreams Eggplant

Meaning of Dreams Eggplant, symbolism of common dreams. Importance of dream meanings, Meaning of Dreams Eggplant, dream interpretation on Mysteries24.com. Discussed and rated dream explanations for Meaning of Dreams Eggplant.
Eggplant 2523 0
Dreaming that you eat or cook an eggplant, suggests that you should be wary of some complications. To dream that you sow and pick eggplan...
Fishes 784 0
The meaning of dreaming of fishes is that you should beware of fraud, theft and loss.
Screening 134 0
To dream of a film screening, suggests that you are emotional and have an unknown adventure, meaning that you will live excitingly.
Hippopotamus 247 0
If you dream of a hippopotamus, do not be fooled by the apparent well-meaning of enemies.
Audience 375 0
To dream you were among the audience, means you will be wasting your money and time in trials without perspective and meaning. Dreaming of...
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