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Dreams of Dirty Water

Dreams of Dirty Water, meaning of common dreams. Significance of dream meanings, Dreams of Dirty Water, dream meaning on Mysteries24.com. Discussed along with rated dream meaning interpretations for Dreams of Dirty Water.
Dirty Water 2271 2
If you dream of dirty water in a spring or stream, beware, there lurks disease and impotence. If you get dirty water from a well, be caref...
Issue 204 0
To dream that you bathe in the fountain, means you have a great desire to become your reality. To dreams of a well with clean water, mean...
Water well 335 0
If you dream dirty water in a well, expect betrayal and deceit. Looking in you sleep into a water well, you will trust a friend. Diggin...
dream of water 2346 0
Those who often dream of water or things directly related to it are prone to fever, as well as colds and are rather phlegmatic. If you ar...
Cold water 330 0
If you dream of cold water treading, you'll have hindrance in the work. Cold water in you dreams means you will have happiness.
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