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Dream Interpretation Pink Dress

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pink dress 1781 1
Dreaming of a pink dress suggests that you have pure intentions and a god heart, but are far too gullible and can be easily taken advantage ...
Pink 3921 1
Dreaming of the color pink, indicates love, joy, sweetness, happiness, affection and kindness. If you love or have the ability to cure thr...
Clothes 28409 2
To dream that you dress in clothes from gold thread, means you will be referred to with ingratitude. To dream of a red dress, means yo...
Green Dress 954 0
Dreaming of a short green dress, means you should beware of rashness and indiscretion. If you dream of a long green dress, that your succ...
Blue dress 2059 3
A shortened or stained blue dress means you will suffer from negligence and futility or the curse of colleagues and acquaintances. A short...
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