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Dream Dictionary Fried Eggs

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Fried eggs 1662 0
To dream of fried eggs, predicts that a person of the opposite sex will show special interest in you.
Dictionary 936 0
Dreams of a bilingual dictionary, mean you are likely to lose an important partner, because you're stubborn and unyielding. If you see a d...
Hen egg 568 0
To see or eat a Hen egg in your dream symbolizes fertility, birth and creativity. Ahead of you lie new things. If eggs hatch in your sl...
Colored Eggs 283 0
To dream that you hold colored eggs, predicts that you have a fortune. To dream that you donated a colored egg, suggests that you will ex...
Fried chicken 1433 0
If you fry chicken, you're ahead of cares and trouble in the family. If you eat in your sleep fried chicken, you may be sick.
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