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Dream About Folded Clothing

Dream About Folded Clothing, symbolism of common dreams. Meaning of dream meanings, Dream About Folded Clothing, dream interpretation on Mysteries24.com. Discussed as well as rated dream interpretations for Dream About Folded Clothing.
Tight clothing 181 0
To dream of tight clothing, predicts that you could have trouble.
Closet 234 0
To see in your dream an order of diligently folded clothes in the closet , suggests you have prosperity and happiness, and if you dream y...
Shiny 85 0
If you dream of shiny objects or clothing, benefits or outcomes for you are going to be deceptive, temporary, insecure and shameful.
Fancy 61 0
I dream of Fancy objects or clothing, benefits or outcomes you have will be deceptive, temporary, making you insecure or shameful.
Knob 111 0
If you dream that your clothing has different buttons, you will suffer from impermanence. Sewing a button on a garment in a dream, means ...
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