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Breaking Glass in Dreams

Breaking Glass in Dreams, symbolism of your dreams. Importance of dream meanings, Breaking Glass in Dreams, dream meaning on Mysteries24.com. Commented and measured dream meaning explanations for Breaking Glass in Dreams.
Breaking glass 1547 0
To dream of breaking glass, suggests that you are waiting for some tangible losses to happen.
Glass 3145 0
Dreaming that you see glass, predicts that you have difficulties ahead, which you did not prepare yourself for. To dream of healthy glass ...
Broken glass 1751 1
Dreaming or broken glass of that you break it, signifies that you were fighting with someone.
Glass of water 447 0
Dreaming of a glass of water means your health is excellent.
Magnifier 32 0
To dream you have a magnifying glass, suggests you're too confident. Dreaming to watch over the magnifying glass, suggests a small o...
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