Divination with Beans

Divination with Beans

One of the most popular methods of prediction in Bosnia and Herzegovina is surely divination with beans. The origins of this custom come from Turkey, where there is an equivalent method called fasulya fali or kumalak .



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Divination - Divination with a Ring

Divination with a Ring


Divination with a ring has been practiced since ancient times. This ritual requires knowledge and preparation. The best day for divination with a ring is on Friday, while Monday is never appropriate.

Divination - Divination with a Book

Divination with a Book


Divination using a book is seen as one of the simplest but also one of the most accurate and correct methods of predicting the future. This way of prediction can hardly be called ancient since it has existed only since books first appeared.

Divination - Divination with a Mirror

Divination with a Mirror


Divination with a mirror is considered to be one of the oldest and most dangerous. Divining with a mirror is done at midnight and in complete solitude. It is possible to see horrendous things in the mirror which may cause a severe psychological breakdown.

Divination - Divination with Wax

Divination with Wax


Divination with wax was practiced back in ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. To divine with wax you will need a large candle, matches, a cup of cold, but not icy, water.

Divination - A Coffee Divination Lesson

A Coffee Divination Lesson


There are people who look into coffee grounds and can tell in detail when we may get married, if you will start a new job and will even guess your zodiac sign.

Divination - Divination with needles

Divination with needles


Divination with needles has been known since ancient times. There are two ways to do this with needles. Take a bowl with water and a few ordinary needles, not particularly large.

Divination - Divination on your birthday

Divination on your birthday


The future can be made clear if you try to look at it on your birthday. On this day, with the help of cards, you will find what lies ahead.

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